DrSim® is an interactive clinical simulation software for e-learning.
DrSim® Editor that allows editing and implementing new scenarios, which may be used for eLearning and telesimulation.


Simulated practice for a real improvement

DrSim Editor

DrSim Editor provides a powerful editing system that allows the user to create clinical cases from scratch or to modify and expand existing clinical cases. DrSim Editor allows the user to save the clinical scenario in an archive file (compatible with SCORM standard) ready for distribution on the e-learning platform, or a simple web server, in order to efficiently combine a highly interactive learning environment, the use in an e-learning context for remote training and the independence of customization and extension.

Clinical cases have an integrated view of the specific environment in which the patient is located and of the clinical scenario, an area with the patient’s monitor where traces and values of physiological parameters are displayed, a set of tools that the doctor can use and access to medical records, examinations and drugs.
It is possible to manage the virtual patient interactively. Meanwhile, the user can examinethe pathophysiological responses arising from his diagnostic and therapeutic choices in real time.

DrSim Editor includes:

  • DrSim case including a USB stick with DrSim software, lifetime floating license key and user manual;
  • No limitation on the number of potential users within the same institution;
  • Installation support and remote training;
  • Lifetime free access to the DrSim Academy (the virtual DrSim clinical case sharing platform);
  • Lifetime free software updates and upgrades

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Minimum System Requirements for the PC:
  • Intel Core i-5
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) / Mac OSX 10.14
  • SSD (Solid State Drive): 128 GB
  • Dedicated graphic card - RAM: 2 GB
  • Internet active connection



Is possible to make a free trial of a case developed on the platform DrSim in DEMO version.

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DEMO DrSim® Editor

Is possible to make a time-limited free trial of the editor of clinical cases.

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